The CVC Unplugged podcast is a weekly show that brings you fascinating and wide-ranging conversations with leading corporate venture capital investors, subject matter experts, startup founders, journalists and other market participants to keep you informed of the most important trends affecting early-stage investing.

Hosted by Global Corporate Venturing's Fernando Moncada Rivera, guests dive into strategy, market movements and drivers, best practices, macro trends and much more.

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Latest Episodes

  • Thumbnail for Owen Thompson: Cambridge Future Tech

    Owen Thompson: Cambridge Future Tech

    We have plenty of knowledge hidden all over the place, with potential for transformational change on important problems, but without the ability to commercialise and spread it out, we don’t get to benefit from it. My guest today is Owen Thompson, co-founder and CEO of Cambridge Future Tech, a deep tech venture builder situated – as its name suggests – in one of the most bustling technology and ideas hubs in the world.

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  • Thumbnail for Are IPOs back?

    Are IPOs back?

    IPOs are back! With the recent listings of companies like chip manufacturer ARM and delivery app Instacart, we are seeing the resurgence of the public markets after around two years of being dormant.

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  • Thumbnail for Mike Smeed: InMotion Ventures

    Mike Smeed: InMotion Ventures

    Cars have been on their way to essentially becoming rolling computers for quite some time now. They are better connected, increasingly electrified, and packed with features to make the driver’s life easier. Mike Smeed, managing director of Jaguar LandRover’s (JLR) venturing unit, InMotion Ventures, has been in the CVC business for only one year, but given that automotive OEMs are already designing the cars of 2030 and beyond, his outlook needs to be in decades.

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  • Thumbnail for Cassio Spina: Alya Ventures

    Cassio Spina: Alya Ventures

    My guest today is Cassio Spina, founder and lead partner of a new advisory and venture management firm Alya Ventures, which launched earlier this year.

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  • Thumbnail for Michelle Gonzalez: M12

    Michelle Gonzalez: M12

    My guest today is Michelle Gonzalez, the global head of Microsoft’s corporate venturing unit, M12. She joined me to talk about the strategic shift that M12 has been executing since the beginning of this year to align the unit’s investments closer with Microsoft, as well as the ever-growing prospects of generative AI, the resilience of other verticals like cybersecurity and the enduring appeal of blockchain infrastructure technology despite a crypto-winter.

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  • Thumbnail for Arthur Alves: Gerdau Next Ventures

    Arthur Alves: Gerdau Next Ventures

    My guest today is Arthur Alves, corporate venture capital manager of Gerdau Next Ventures, the CVC arm of Brazilian steel manufacturer Gerdau. The venture fund was established in 2020 under in partnership with American CVC-as-a-Service firm Touchdown Ventures, and Alves was hired last year to fully integrate Gerdau Next Ventures into its parent company.

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  • Thumbnail for Youssef Mawad: JCI Ventures

    Youssef Mawad: JCI Ventures

    Increasingly, buildings are more than just bricks and mortar. Today they’re smarter, they’re more capable, they’re greener, and they’re continually improving. Few companies are doing more work in this space than Johnson Controls, and today I’m speaking with Youssef Mawad, managing director Johnson Controls’ CVC unit, JCI Ventures.

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  • Thumbnail for Jonny Crowe: Liminal Ventures

    Jonny Crowe: Liminal Ventures

    My guest today is Jonny Crowe, a lawyer by training whose long career has been tied together by one central theme: executing and managing transformation. This is something he’s done both as a member of the C-Suite within the structure of an organisation, or in an advisory capacity, for many companies including Cinch, BCA Marketplace, Naspers and Axel Springer, to name just a few.

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  • Thumbnail for Arvind Purushotham: Citi Ventures

    Arvind Purushotham: Citi Ventures

    Money, as they say, makes the world go round, and investments in financial services grew forty-fold in the decade between 2011 and 2021, from around $6bn to nearly $240bn. That is a huge leap, but according to today’s guest, Arvind Purushotham, head of Citi Ventures, it is only the beginning.

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  • Thumbnail for Debbie Brackeen: CSAA Insurance

    Debbie Brackeen: CSAA Insurance

    Every successful business needs a strategy, and every business will need to innovate to survive. Strategy, of course, sets out long-term direction and intentionality, while innovation, by definition deals with new things, which naturally can be disruptive. So how do you moderate the two? Which of them informs the other more, and how?

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