The future of payments – a chat with Visa’s David Rolf

Payments, payments, payments. In a world with a diminishing reliance on cash, payment technology is quite literally making the economy go round. But obviously, it’s not always as easy as tapping a credit card.

Today I speak to David Rolf, head of Visa Ventures, about the difficulties, and the opportunities out there, when it comes to letting people pay each other as quickly and easily as possible.

We talk about how some emerging markets approach payment tech relative to more developed economies, and how the complexity of business-to-business payments still make it such a difficult problem to solve, even when it comes to something as ostensibly simple as invoicing.

Cross-border payments are also an enduringly difficult challenge to overcome, what with the myriad FX and anti-fraud issues along with disparate regulatory frameworks, not to mention hwo hard it is to make sure that all of the above happens as close to real-time as possible.

Finally we also talk about the incredibly exciting developments in generative artificial intelligence – which may, for example, make possible things possible like AI agents going out and booking entire trips or services for you within certain parameters – and we dig into the strategy of the $100m GenAI fundVisa launched last year to capitalise on these very opportunities.

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