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Hosted by Global Corporate Venturing's Fernando Moncada Rivera, guests dive into strategy, market movements and drivers, best practices, macro trends and much more.

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Latest Episodes

  • Thumbnail for Bill Taranto: MSD Global Health Innovation Fund

    Bill Taranto: MSD Global Health Innovation Fund

    Most people think that the Covid-19 pandemic has a supercharging effect on digital health – while that’s certainly true of things like telehealth services, is it necessarily the case for the rest of the sector? Maybe not, according to today’s guest – but independent of Covid, digital health is a booming area. Joining me today is Bill Taranto, President of MSD Global Health Innovation Fund – as it’s known outside North America – to talk about his outlook on the healthcare space – particularly in digital health – in the coming year and the shifts in the venture market.

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  • Thumbnail for Jung Lee & T.A. McCann: Pioneer Square Labs

    Jung Lee & T.A. McCann: Pioneer Square Labs

    The story of the past year or so, of course, has been an explosion in demand for all things artificial intelligence. Every company in the world is thinking about how their business, processes, or products can be improved with the addition of AI across all levels, and all are looking for applications relevant to them.

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  • Thumbnail for Alex Mahr: Stryber

    Alex Mahr: Stryber

    This is a podcast that focuses primarily on the world of corporate venture capital, but as we look at corporate innovation more widely, is CVC the best tool available to bring innovation into a larger organisation? According to this week’s guest, Alex Mahr, co-founder and managing partner of venture-building firm Stryber, the answer is no, or at least not necessarily. Having worked in corporate innovation for many years in a number of capacities including consultant, corporate VC, and now venture building, he sees corporate VC as perhaps a suboptimal tool to rely on, at least in isolation.

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  • Thumbnail for Ginger Rothrock & Meghan Hunt: HG Ventures

    Ginger Rothrock & Meghan Hunt: HG Ventures

    If you’re a company in the industrial sector, you’re going to have a lot of waste. Industrial processes are massively resource-intensive, whether it’s water or other raw materials, and what you get out the other side is not just the finished product itself, but literally tons of waste byproduct that needs somewhere to go. What is becoming increasingly clear is that in and around that waste, is a lot of money. Anyone who comes up with technology that can effectively help large industrials reduce the amount of waste they produce, maximise the yield they can get from their inputs, and extract useful things from their waste, will find financial reward.

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  • Thumbnail for Stéphane Longuet: Convivialité Ventures

    Stéphane Longuet: Convivialité Ventures

    Many CVCs, because of their parents’ core business, tend to have, for lack of a better term, high-minded or particularly noble missions – whether that’s saving the planet from climate change, or humanity from disease, or anything else that may in some way contribute to the saving of the world – but then you have some investor who just want you to have a grand old time with the people you care about. That’s what Convivialité Ventures, the CVC unit of Pernod Ricard, aims to do.

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  • Thumbnail for Hakan Goker & Owen Lozman: M Ventures

    Hakan Goker & Owen Lozman: M Ventures

    Innovation is moving fast across most sectors, but in healthcare we are really seeing how tantalisingly close we are to solving some of our most enduring health problems, and we’re advancing at a fast clip. We talk about the leaps and bounds that we’ve come over the past decade in treating and finding cures for notorious ailments, how patient selection is an often overlooked but crucial part of the drug discovery process, and why we should be optimistic about our ongoing combat against disease.

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  • Thumbnail for Juan Niet: Zacua Ventures

    Juan Niet: Zacua Ventures

    The construction sector continues to face a number of massive challenges – skill and labour shortages, lack of standardisation, regulatory hurdles, and a massive carbon footprint, to name just a few. Zacua Ventures, the construction-tech focused VC firm launched last year by three alumni of construction CVC units, aims to alleviate them.

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  • Thumbnail for Crispin Leick: EnBW New Ventures

    Crispin Leick: EnBW New Ventures

    For Crispin Leick, managing director of EnBW New Ventures, a passion for energy technology came early in life, and was supercharged later on when he became a father and saw his time horizons change from years to generations ahead. As head of energy generation and utility company EnBW’s corporate venturing unit, Leick and his team focus on three main areas where they can have the biggest impact, namely the electrification, digitalisation, and decentralisation of the energy system.

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  • Thumbnail for The Next Wave: Functional foods – Investors are hungry for more

    The Next Wave: Functional foods – Investors are hungry for more

    Today’s show is a bit different – instead of a normal conversation, we’re bringing you GCV’s most recent edition of the Next Wave – our monthly webinar series that features panel discussions on emerging technologies and CVC best practices.

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  • Thumbnail for Richard Zeiger: MSW Capital

    Richard Zeiger: MSW Capital

    What precisely is the role of a third-party CVC fund managers in the venture ecosystems of emerging economies? According to Richard Zeiger, general partner at Brazil’s MSW Capital, it’s an important role to educate and set the standard.

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