The Next Wave Webinar: Investing in the changing world of sports

The world of sports has been seeing some really dramatic shifts in recent years, including huge changes in how sports are consumed – less via the big networks and more via mobile platforms, for example – and that’s having big implications across the space, opening up opportunities for startups and investors alike.

Whether products are made to improve athlete performance (to later be expanded to mass markets), or focused on the fan experience and audience engagement, there is a wealth of investment potential all across the sector.

For this webinar we were very lucky to enlist the time of a three-strong group of investors and founders:

  • Kerry Carter, a former professional athlete playing in the NFL and the CFL, and currently and investor and chief executive officer of Atavus, a company focused on tackling safety, where he previously served as coo.
  • Chris Traeger, executive director at Boomtown Accelerators, where he oversees the relationship with Comcast NBCUniversal and their sporttstech accelerator programme, bringing with him decades of experience in sports and entertainment.
  • Tim Brownstone, a scientist by training who founded and is CEO of Kymira, a startup with some really exciting bio-responsive fabric technology that, in addition having a great high-performance apparel function, can also be used for healthcare applications.
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