Jonny Crowe: Liminal Ventures

They say that the only constant in life, and business, is change – so how do you manage it effectively?

My guest today is Jonny Crowe, a lawyer by training whose long career has been tied together by one central theme: executing and managing transformation. This is something he’s done both as a member of the C-Suite within the structure of an organisation, or in an advisory capacity, for many companies including Cinch, BCA Marketplace, Naspers and Axel Springer, to name just a few.

In early 2020, he established Liminal Ventures as an advisory firm that helps businesses transform, and he’s been doing it ever since.

In our conversation, we talk about what exactly digital transformation means, what hurdles organisations run into when trying to implement one, and how mere surface-level digitisation is not good enough – the transformation needs to permeate the underlying functions of a business in order to really make an impact.

Crowe also talks about the importance of gathering information – and subsequently buy-in – from every level of a business in order for transformation to be successful, and how a business needs to have an existing willingness to adapt before it can dive head first into a transformation initiative.

How do you deal with, or prevent, internal resistance to change? How do you think about the downstream effects of wholesale transformation? Can every business benefit from becoming more digital? What do those first steps look like? We discuss all this and more.

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