Arvind Purushotham: Citi Ventures

Money, as they say, makes the world go round, and investments in financial services grew forty-fold in the decade between 2011 and 2021, from around $6bn to nearly $240bn.

That is a huge leap, but according to today’s guest, Arvind Purushotham, head of Citi Ventures, it is only the beginning.

A former microchips engineer at Intel, Purushotham spent nine years at venture capital firm Menlo Ventures before moving on to one of the biggest banks in the world at Citi, where he has led investments into early-stage companies, as well as incubation activities and wider innovation initiatives.

The unit focuses on areas like fintech, of course, as well as data analytics, cybersecurity, future of commerce, proptech and digital assets. It’s safe to say they have a wide remit, from a high perch, to observe what’s going on at the intersection of finance and technology.

In our conversation, we speak about the explosive trajectory of fintech and how deeply it permeates every other industry, as well Citi Venture’s venture-building activities, the impact the so-called crypto-winter will have on the wider digital assets market, how data – which already underpins much of our economy – is only becoming more important, and much more.

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