Let’s give everyone more control over their finances – A conversation with Hugo Bongers

Financial services permeate every other industry, and is a crucial part of everyone’s lives – whether you’re talking about payments, wealth management, or anything else, fintech touches it all.

Today I’m joined by Hugo Bongers, partner at Motive Ventures, who by his own admission “lives and breathes” fintech. Formerly the head of ABN Amro Ventures, he has a great overview of the space from both the corporate VC and financial VC sides.

We talk about how the fintech market has adjusted to the new market conditions over the past couple of years, in particular how the end of the zero-interest rate has affected the sector, as well as how post-pandemic changes in consumer behaviour have impacted fintech.

We talk about advances in the architecture of decentralised finance, which has been plugging along in the background even as Web3 and cryptocurrency investments have fallen largely flat since their peak in 2021, and how regulatory changes coming down the road might affect the landscape.

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