The Next Wave Webinar: What does the hospital of the future look like?

We are once again bringing you a conversation from the latest edition of GCV’s The Next Wave webinar series, in which an expert panel discusses an important topic of the day.

This one, moderated by yours truly, is all about hospital tech and, broadly speaking, what the hospital of the future will look like.

For a while now, there has been a clear trend, for example, of hospital functions like patient monitoring, diagnostics, and other treatments being moved closer to the patients, even into their homes, which frees up space within hospitals, which of course, even before covid, have been dealing with huge capacity constraints. Many hospitals are operating at capacities in the high 90s and have a lot of trouble finding enough beds, enough appointments, or enough staff, for a number of reasons, but a big one is the fact that the processes within hospitals need to be overhauled and streamlined for higher efficiency.

Add to that the prospect of technologies like AI coming just around the corner, and the future of what a hospital is starts to look slightly different.

It was a super fun discussion, from which I learned quite a lot, actually, and I think if you’re involved in investing in healthcare, or in selling some kind of product to hospitals or healthcare systems, you’ll be interested in taking a listen.

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