A CVC is like an organ transplant, the body would be wrong to fight it – A conversation with Jeppe Hoier

Jeppe Hoier is a long-time venture investor with experience in financial VCs, corporate VCs and on his own as an angel investor, based in Copenhagen, Denmark.

A former partner at Maersk Growth, the CVC arm of Danish logistics giant Maersk, Hoier talks about how he was initially sceptical of going into a corporate VC, having been initially dissuaded by the reputation that CVCs had at the time, but how he has since been convinced of the benefits a corporate can bring.

We talk about the venture scene has evolved in Denmark and the Nordics, and how many CVC have popped up over the years, but many have also gone defunct, and how the environment can be improved. Hoier explains how he sees the corporate like a human body, with the brain as the C-suite, and how badly things can go when the brain doesn’t communicate well enough with the rest of the body, especially the CVC unit, among many other things.

Hoier has, for the last several months, been writing a newsletter on LinkedIn which I recommend CVC folks to check out, it’s always got nice nuggets of information and interesting interviews.

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