Kerry Carter

Kerry Carter is an entrepreneur, executive and investor in the area of sports technology, who also happens to be a former professional athlete, having played in the National Football League and the Canadian Football League before making a jump to the world of business and currently sits as chief operating officer of Atavus, a sportstech company focused on the mechanics of tackling.

We talk about his journey as a pro football player turned investor, where his passion for entrepreneurship came from, how sports technology has come by leaps and bounds since the days when Fitbit was the only big name out there, and how it extends far beyond just the field or the court.

Carter, whose future plans to dive deeper into the world of venture capital we could not fully discuss yet, talks about what exactly he means by wanting to put the athlete first when it comes to deploying capital, something he feels has historically been lacking in sports tech, while at the same time explaining why just because a product or service may be designed for athletes, doesn’t mean it wouldn’t have significant mass market potential.

We also touch on how sports tech companies, especially those that are more on the digital side, can get off the ground quicker than ever and produce faster results, which may make it easier for corporates, especially sports teams – which have not been too active in the venture space – to take more chances on startups without too much risk.

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