Hakan Goker & Owen Lozman: M Ventures

We’ve got a great one today, I always love it when we get two guests for the price of one. Hakan Goker and Owen Lozman are the managing directors of M Ventures, the CVC of Merck Group, and respectively oversee the unit’s activity in biotech on one hand and electronics and frontier technology on the other.

Innovation is moving fast across most sectors, but in healthcare we are really seeing how tantalisingly close we are to solving some of our most enduring health problems, and we’re advancing at a fast clip.

We talk about the leaps and bounds that we’ve come over the past decade in treating and finding cures for notorious ailments, how patient selection is an often overlooked but crucial part of the drug discovery process, and why we should be optimistic about our ongoing combat against disease.

We also talk about the big subject on everyone’s mind: AI, and what the applications can look like both in the materials technology space and healthcare and the greater requirements it brings in terms of medical data protection, as well as how M Ventures is getting along with spending the €600m allocation it received at the end of 2021, among other topics.

It was a really interesting chat and, at a time when the news around the world is so dire, had me coming away feeling a bit better about the future.

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