Brian Schettler: HorizonX

Spinning a fund out of the corporate parent’s umbrella can be a tricky process. If done right, though, you can end up with a situation where you can enjoy both the benefits of being your own outfit and the advantages of close operational links with a big name corporate. You can have your cake and eat it too. This is where AEI HorizonX, the venture firm spun out of aerospace and defence company Boeing, finds itself.

Brian Schettler, head of HorizonX, joins GVR to talk about the aerospace and defence sectors, how, on top of being beneficial for a host of reasons such as increased capital and compensation, the spin out was also driven by internal crises within Boeing. He detailed the value of maintaining close connections after spinning out, how having external LPs affect the fund and how still having a dedicated implementation team inside Boeing boosts its entire portfolio.

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