Andrew Chang: United Airlines Ventures

Air travel is a notoriously hard to decarbonise sector. Next to heavy industry, aviation is the poster child for widespread carbon emissions.

For United Airlines, 98% of company-wide emissions come from jet fuel, presenting a huge, but easily identifiable, problem. The airline’s venturing arm, United Airlines Ventures, has already been investing heavily in sustainable aviation fuel (or SAF for short), and has now launched a new fund focused on exactly that. Currently capitalised to the tune of $100m, the new fund is called the United Airlines Ventures Sustainable Flight Fund, and counts on some corporate heavy hitters, including Air Canada, Boeing, JPMorgan Chase, Honeywell and GE as limited partners.

Andrew Chang, head of United Airlines Ventures, joined the show to talk about the new fund, what it’s like to go from a single LP to multiple LPs, and how SAF can impact the aviation industry.

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