The Next Wave: Investing Beyond Earth – Spacetech

It is our last episode of GVR for the year!

To close out 2022, we’re bringing you a recording of a conversation on one of the most interesting subjects in corporate venturing: Space.

In the latest episode of GCV’s live webinar series, called The Next Wave, we had an incredible panel of startups and investors in space technology, moderated by yours truly and covering topics such as the new economics of space flight, what CVCs bring to the table for space startups, navigating the murky legal and regulatory framework for space activity, the prospects of new industries getting involved in space. the challenges in convincing investment committees that investing in space is a strong proposition, and more.

The panel was made up of two CVC investors, namely:

  • Roee Furman of Doral Energy-Tech Ventures
  • Timur Davis of Munich Re Ventures

As well as the CEOs of their respective portfolio companies:

  • Jonathan Geifman of Helios – a company looking to mine the moon for oxygen and make the steel industry greener
  • Daniel Faber of Orbit Fab – a company looking to establish a network of gas station to service spacecraft beyond the atmosphere

It’s a great conversation and it was my pleasure to host it, and I’m sure you’ll find it very informative as well. You can find the video recording of the panel discussion here.

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Thank you all for listening and supporting the show over the course of 2022 – there will be plenty more to look forward to as we head into the new year. Have a happy holiday season!

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