The Next Wave: Which is a harder job to do: VC or CVC?

On this episode we’ll be listening to the latest in Global Corporate Venturing’s new live webinar series, The Next Wave, which deals with an interesting question which is sure to bring up some strong opinions, and that is, Which is a harder job to do: VC or CVC.

In this discussion, GCV’s Senior Editor, Maija Palmer, speaks to Lisa Suennen from Venture Valkyrie and Heriberto Diarte of Quantum Innovation Fund about the relative challenges between these two, ostensibly similar jobs.

They talk about everything from the implicit challenges of the roles, to how they are remunerated (whether carry is a good idea), what the best fund structures are, the time-consuming process of dealing with internal stakeholders, dealing with management change, reckoning with startups that are weary of CVCs and more.

The Next Wave is a monthly live webinar held on the second Wednesday of each month, and next month, on the 14th of December, it will be on Spacetech and how CVCs have a role to play in an industry whose ultimate aims include making the human species multiplanetary, and we’re getting some great names lined up so keep an eye out for updates to be sure to register online.

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