Gustavo Cavenaghi: Kortex Ventures

Gustavo Cavenaghi is the head of investments at Kortex Ventures – a CVC unit jointly backed by no less than three corporate limited partners, namely diagnostics technology providers Fleury and Sabin, as well as health insurance company Bradesco Saude.

Being a CVC for a single corporate is hard enough – but what about three of them? How do you juggle that? According to Cavenaghi, it’s a complex challenge with a simple answer, stick to your thesis and take an agnostic view.

In this episode, He also talks about the scale of the impact that the pandemic has had on the healthtech investment landscape, particularly in how it has supercharged demand for digital and telehealth services.

He also discusses how important genomics will become in the future of healthcare, the value of patience when trying to set up a new CVC and how corporates would do well to let their CVCs fly and do their own thing – though without breaking the corporate umbilical cord.

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