Anand Kamannavar: Applied Ventures

Technology can only get as advanced as the materials that make it up, and things are moving fast.

Anand Kamannavar is the global head of Applied Ventures, the CVC unit of advanced materials engineering company Applied Materials, investing in a wide range of technologies including energy, advanced materials and manufacturing, semiconductors, life sciences, AI and big data and more.

In this episode, he touches on the challenges involved with managing a considerable global portfolio when the whole team is based in California, how Applied Ventures seeks to enable the pushing of the envelope on Moore’s Law – the principle essentially stating that semiconductors double in complexity every few years – and how having been in the game for so long has helped the unit see ahead of the curve.

He also talks about the benefits of having had a stable, long-term and supportive relationship with the parent company, how investing in public companies can be a good play for a CVC, and how the similarities between VCs and CVCs are much bigger than the differences, particularly with the smaller VCs that are more specialised.

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