• Thumbnail for Dina Routhier & Michael Mahan – Stanley Ventures

    Dina Routhier & Michael Mahan – Stanley Ventures

    One of the interesting shifts that happened during the covid pandemic was in building things. Larger construction projects slowed down while at home DIY projects took off as people had to spend inside. This is but one of the patterns that Stanley Ventures, the venturing unit of Stanley Black & Decker, had a front-row view to, sitting on the intersection of construction and consumer goods.

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    Erin VanLanduit: Cargill Ventures

    Everyone needs to eat, and as one of the largest private companies in the world, Cargill has played a large role in providing much of what, at least in the US, shows up in supermarkets. But what does the future of food look like? And what innovation is needed to bring agriculture up to speed with the demands of a growing population with shifting views?

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  • Thumbnail for Raj Singh: JLL Spark Global Ventures

    Raj Singh: JLL Spark Global Ventures

    Every business needs a space, but how will those spaces be valued in the future? Commercial real estate is in the beginning stages of some important changes in the way it looks, operates, shares its space, and even where it is located, much of the changes coming in the aftermath of the pandemic.

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  • Thumbnail for Lukasz Garbowski: Btomorrow Ventures

    Lukasz Garbowski: Btomorrow Ventures

    Btomorrow Ventures (BTV), the venturing unit of British American Tobacco, is a CVC unlike the rest, in the sense that While the typical aim of corporate venturing is to complement and innovate on top of its parent company’s business, BTV’s main purpose is to help its tobacco producing parent to move away from its core product and into new categories that will create growth in the future.

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  • Thumbnail for Brian Walsh: Wind Ventures

    Brian Walsh: Wind Ventures

    What does it mean to grant “unfair” access to a region? That’s what Wind Ventures, the venture capital arm of Chilean energy company Copec, wants to do for its portfolio companies wanting exposure to the Latin American market. With a wide remit that primarily straddles energy and mobility, Wind has been bullish on the energy transition and EV charging, among a number of other focus areas including logistics and retail experience.

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    Brian Schettler: HorizonX

    Spinning a fund out of the corporate parent’s umbrella can be a tricky process. If done right, though, you can end up with a situation where you can enjoy both the benefits of being your own outfit and the advantages of close operational links with a big name corporate. You can have your cake and eat it too. This is where AEI HorizonX, the venture firm spun out of aerospace and defence company Boeing, finds itself.

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    Investing in defence tech

    There has never been a more crucial time to invest in technologies related to defence and security. War in Ukraine and growing geopolitical tensions between the US and China are bringing a new focus to an area that used to be taboo for investors. Global Corporate Venturing editor Maija Palmer talks to Ryan Lewis, partner at SRI Ventures and Tom Park, partner at BDC Deep Tech Fund, about why they are setting up the GCV Defense Council Advisory Board to foster collaboration between corporate investors looking to invest in this area.

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  • Thumbnail for Paul Asel: NGP Capital

    Paul Asel: NGP Capital

    The world is changing, along with the way we look at it and experience it – this includes a merging of the physical world and the virtual one. This “great convergence” forms the basis of the newly unveiled thesis of NGP Capital, the venture firm backed by Nokia.

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  • Andrew Chang: United Airlines Ventures

    Air travel is a notoriously hard to decarbonise sector. Next to heavy industry, aviation is the poster child for widespread carbon emissions. For United Airlines,…

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  • Andrew Ferguson: Databricks Ventures

    If it hasn’t already been clear for at least the past decade, there is certainly no doubt of it today: data runs the world. It…

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